A Radio Promotion Service Connecting Record Labels & Unsigned Artists To Radio DJs & The Music Industry!

“This is a great way to expose new artists and writers who are looking for the right avenue in which to share their talents. Hopefully the world will get to know them. We will do what we can to help.” – Stephen A. Mosely, General Manager / Program Director, Unity Radio 107.1FM

Question: How much does this cost?
Answer: Currently the price is only $39. You will also have the option to upgrade your listing to a “Priority” Listing. This offers guaranteed top placement for just $10 more. There are no additional costs. Period.Note: Similar services charge more than seven times this amount (yes, really). We keep the cost reasonable so more Musicians can afford to do this. Keep in mind, this is by 3000 Records operated by musicians for musicians.Question: What is a “Priority” Listing?
Answer: This is simply a way to get your listing closer to the top of the FREE Music Report within your selected music genre. By being closer to the top, your listing can grab the attention of a potential music industry contact easier, and faster. Our “Priority Listings” also get special attention when it comes to editing & preparing your listing for better exposure.Question: What is the FREE Music Report?
Answer: The FREE Music Report is sent free to radio stations, magazines, film & T.V. productions companies and record companies. This report is not free to be listed in. Album Register (formerly known as CD Register for over 8 years) is the one and only way to get listed in this exclusive report to the Music Industry. This “resource and publication” is supported by the Bands & Artists who include their listing. Much work goes into the organization of this distributed report, and every connection established out of trust and respect for the music industry contact. The small fee covers business expenses and small profit for time that goes into this. Album Register allows Bands & Artists to connect with the Music Industry in a way that would not otherwise be possible.Question: Huh, I still don’t get this..What exactly is this about?
Answer: Ok.. this is a service first of all. We provide a solution for  getting your music out there securely, to people in the music industry who genuinely want your album. Many Bands & Artists send their album to stations, record companies, etc… who never asked for it. This can be a waste of time, money, and energy for everybody. On the other hand.. The FREE Music Report is sent to the DJs, A & R people, and other music biz contacts, and allows them to select only the albums they want. Each month they get a fresh selection of the newest music available to them. This works for everybody! Hope that makes sense.

Question: What styles of music are acceptable?
Answer: All music styles are acceptable! If you feel that your music is appropriate for independent radio, magazines, film & T.V., and record companies, then you are welcome to sign up to get your album into the right hands. This service is intended for those with recorded music of good quality that is “radio friendly”.

Question: How does this work?
Answer: We have built connections with DJs from radio stations (community radio, college radio, internet radio, satellite radio, etc..) and Writers (magazines, zines, ezines, webzines, newspapers, etc..), film & T.V. Producers, and A & R Staff from record companies.. They are notified that your music is available through the FREE Music Report, and where to preview your music and information. If your album is suitable and the DJ is interested, they may request your album for airplay consideration.. If a Writer, Producer, or A & R person is interested they will also let you know, and request your album for review.

Question: How do I send my album when I get a request?
Answer: You will be able to easily send your album by providing the DJ or other music industry contact with a secure one-click album download Url. Once you sign up, we handle all the technical stuff, and provide you with your one-click album download Url (link) for your album.

Question: What can I expect once I sign up for this service?
Answer: We will include your listing in our next edition of the FREE Music Report sent each month by email to our music industry contacts. If they are interested in a receiving a copy of your album, you will be contacted! You may also receive a request for an interview by DJs and Writers, A & R follow up, or use of a song by film & T.V. Producers. Those who request your album may also contact you to provide you with feedback regarding your album. In addition, you get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so there is no risk to you.

Question: What will my listing include?
Answer: Your listing will include your Band / Artist Name, Album Title, Music Genre, Description, Web site, and Email address where music industry contacts can request your album.

Question: How long will my listing be included?
Answer: Your listing will be included in our FREE Music Report for 3 months. After that your listing will qualify to be included in the annual FREE Music Directory (optional service)!

Question: Is it guaranteed that my music will get played on air or that I will receive a magazine review?
Answer: No. We can’t guarantee airplay or reviews since that is up to the DJs and Writers. We can only guarantee your listing will give you the opportunity to be considered for airplay and reviews.

Question: How will I know if a music industry contact is interested in getting a free copy of my album?
Answer: You will be notified by email of requests for your album. You will be responsible for sending your album to the person who requests it. By using your secure one-click album download Url (link) we will provide you with, you will be able to easily send your album to each music industry contact.

Question: What if I want to make my album available in CD format too?
Answer: Great! This will simply open up another option for the DJs or other music industry contacts that might prefer a CD. We will let them know if you have a physical CD available to send them upon request. In fact, having your music available to send on CD can really make you stand out. However, most stations do not require your album in CD format nowadays. Therefore, having your album in CD format is not required to sign up.

Question: What happens when I send my album after it is requested?
Answer:  Once your album has been received, the radio station DJ or Writer can consider your music for airplay, or a review. If a film & T.V. Producer has requested your album, it may be considered for use in a film or T.V. show. If an A&R rep from a record company has requested your album, you may be contacted for more info. about your music, etc… It is also advised that you follow up with each music industry contact that requests your album, to make sure that your album was received and given proper attention. Feel free to ask for playlists, reviews, comments, and other feedback.

Question: How long will my album be promoted to the music industry contacts?
Answer: The FREE Music Report is currently sent monthly. Your album will be promoted in 3 monthly editions. That’s a total of 3 months (approx. 90 days) worth of promotion!

Question: How can this be so inexpensive?
Answer: We may raise the price at anytime, however, we want you to use our service and benefit greatly even if the price is currently low.

Question: Do you accept checks or money orders?
Answer: Yes. Make checks payable to 3000 Records and send to our Mailing AddressPlease write your Band or Artist name in the “memo” area of your check.

We hope to work with you! If you still have questions please feel free to Contact Us.

“I Wanted to let you know that I subscribed to the Free Music Report, what a great service!” – Jeff Schneider, True Life Coordinating Producer, MTV Networks

“Our mission is to showcase Urban Music with Non-Offensive lyrical content and imagery. We also have an “Urban Jazz” format program.” – Joelle Gwynn, Owner, Gwynn Broadcasting

“I host an all-genre radio show on WCVF-FM, Fredonia, NY called “General Eclectic.” My playlists are regularly posted to a a variety of outlets, including FOLKDJ-L, blues-dj, Jazz Programmer’s List, MusicDish network, Indie Guitarists, Love To Sing, Music Forte, Globe-L, ethnobeat, and on my own playlist blog. Eager, I am to expose all sorts of new music (and sometimes older music) by a wide variety of primarily indie/self-released/small-label artists (including demos at times). WCVF is a “campus and community” station (with some NPR programming), broadcast-only at the moment, but working hard to get our broadcasts streamed on the Internet.” – Tom Bingham, “General Eclectic” WCVF-FM

“I am excited to be working with Free Music Report! I look forward to the year ahead!” – Allyson Ota, Music Director, KTUH 90.3 FM

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